play my new Mafia game

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#1 )) Name: caveman @ 2021-05-06 02:06 🌎 ripirc

site: https://epicmafia.org
wiki: https://wiki.epicmafia.org
repo: https://github.com/epicmafia-community-org/EpicMafia
chat: https://discord.gg/TdYS8bkSxZ

Mafia's kind of like Among Us -- but for adults, and there's zero RNG. It's more like if IRC was a video game. It's a pretty complicated text-only game that involves psychology, bluffing, strategy, deduction, emotional intelligence, and other strange skills.

Our site is an "open source" reboot of a 2008 game that had millions of users across the world, which was unfortunately shut down due to a number of extremely bizarre reasons that we shall not be discussing today.

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#1,1 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2021-05-06 22:20

looks fun
but needs more users

#2 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2021-05-07 09:25 🌎 ripirc

>emotional intelligence
oh no, but I have crippling autisms!

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